Avalon Cream for Cracked Breasts, Nipple Cream 30 ml

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Avalon cream for cracked breasts during the lactation period. Avalon Care Nipple Care Cream helps soothe sensitive or dry nipples and helps form an extra protective barrier on nipples during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Thus, it relieves the pain associated with breastfeeding and prevents cracks and infections that may sometimes lead to stopping breastfeeding.

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Benefits of Avalon Care Cream for nipple care

Benefits of using Avalon cream for cracked breasts:

  • Avalon Pharma Cracked Breast Cream contains moisturizing and soothing nipple ingredients, such as Cocoa Butter and Panthenol, which help relieve cracks and dryness and soothe sensitive nipples.
  • The cream contains safe and effective natural substances such as Vaseline, paraffin and olive oil, which protect the nipple from irritation and inflammation and reduce nipple pain.
  • The cream contains active ingredients that improve the appearance of the nipple, such as vitamin E and amino acids, leaving the nipple softer, brighter and healthier.

There is no doubt that the use of Avalon cream for cracked breasts is an effective solution to the problems of sensitive nipples, and to get the most benefit from the cream, it should be used regularly and according to the attached instructions.

How to use Avalon nipple care cream

Ways to make the most of Avalon cream for cracked breasts:

  • Clean the nipples: The nipples must be cleaned well before applying the cream to ensure that there are no impurities blocking the absorption of the cream.
  • Hand sterilization: Hands must be washed thoroughly before applying the cream to avoid the transfer of germs to the nipples.
  • Apply a small amount: a small amount of cream should be used on each nipple and gently massaged until completely absorbed by the skin.
  • Use it regularly: The cream should be used twice a day for best results and permanently moisturized nipples.
  • Use before breast-feeding: The cream should be used before breast-feeding in sufficient time to allow the cream to be absorbed and to avoid its effect on the child.

Ingredients of Avalon nipple cream 30 ml

Ingredients of Avalon Nipple Soothing and Moisturizing Cream:

  • Avalon nipple care cream contains several natural ingredients that are safe for daily use. It contains Vaseline, which moisturizes and soothes tired and dry nipples, and it also contains pure paraffin, which works to protect and restore damaged nipples.
  • In addition, the olive oil in the formula of the cream works to nourish and moisturize the sensitive skin, and the cream also contains natural cocoa butter, which works to improve the appearance of the nipples and reduce cracks and wrinkles.

Avalon Nipple Care Cream can be used with confidence to moisturize and soothe tired nipples, while also helping to prevent cracking and infection.

Avalon cream for cracked breasts 30 ml Warnings and precautions

  • It is advised not to use Avalon nipple cream on open wounds or damaged tissue.
  • You should avoid putting Avalon cream in the eyes or accompanying the product with another treatment without consulting a doctor.
  • In the event of any skin reactions such as itching or irritation, you should stop using Avalon Cream immediately and contact the attending physician.
  • Avalon Cream should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct heat and light.

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