Sulinda Hair Skin and Nails - 30 Capsules

Sulinda Hair Skin and Nails - 30 Capsules

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 Nutritional Supplement rich with Silica , Biotin, Zinc for Hair Skin and Nails


Composition: Silica    32.12 mg, Ascorbic acid  257.73 mg, Zinc  34.84 mg, Copper  2.68 mg, Manganese   2.5 mg, Chromium   0.08 mg,Biotin     0.05 mg

Size: 30 Tablets

Directions for use: Take one tablet daily or as directed by healthcare professional


Should be used with caution in diabetic patients

Should not be used in Wilson"s disease or hepatic or biliary disease

Keep out of reach of children

Origin: Australia


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