Comega CoQ10 + Omega-3 30 capsules

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Comega is a unique product in terms of manufacturing technology and product formulation
Comega capsules are manufactured with a gradual controlled release technology of the CoQ-10 compound to ensure complete absorption. In addition, Comega capsule contains natural chlorophyll, which helps mask any unwanted odor from fish oil.
Komega is the only product in the Saudi market that combines the natural Tokyo 10 complex + highly concentrated Omega-3 in one capsule, in addition to dissolving the fatty nature Koke10 in Omega-3 fish oil, which greatly increases its absorption rate.
Komega has a protective effect and enhances the performance of the heart muscle
Comega helps reduce muscle pain resulting from the use of cholesterol-lowering statin medications and also reduces triglyceride levels.
Comega helps reduce the frequency of migraines
Komega is a powerful antioxidant and powerful stimulant of energy production within the body
Instructions for use:

Take 1-2 capsules of Komega daily after meals
Warnings and precautions:

This product does not replace a healthy diet

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