Avalon-Avomeb Ointment 50 Gm

Avalon-Avomeb Ointment 50 Gm

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Product Overview

Avomeb Is The Art Of Skin Regeneration. Use Avomeb Herbal Cream To Treat Wounds And Burns And Get The Added Benefits Of Herbal Components That Enhance The Healing Process. Avomeb Is Shown To Reduce Secondary Bacterial Infections, Improve Scar Formation, And Reduce Pain.

Use For: Acute Wounds, Chronic Wounds, Surgical Wounds, All Degrees Of Burns, After Chemical Peeling And Dermabrasion, And After Laser Skin Resurfacing.

How To Use:

A Thin Layer (About 1mm Thickness) Should Be Applied To The Burn Area. Keep The Burn Exposed, But If There Is A Need, A Light Dressing Can Be Used. 
Avomeb Should Be Re-Applied 3–4 Times Daily If The Area Is Exposed Or Twice Daily If Covered.

Warning And Cautions:

Stop Using If Allergic Or Adverse Reaction Occurs.