Colgate Toothbrush Extra Clean Medium 3 + 1 Free

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Colgate Toothbrush Extra Clean Medium

You can now get 3 pieces of Colgate Tooth Brushes extra clean medium, along with 1 free of charge. This distinctive brush has cleaning heads and strong round bristles to clean teeth and remove yellow stains. It is also designed with an easy-to-grip handle for comfort and control from Colgate , in addition to a tongue cleaner with soft rubber bristles. You can get this 3 + 1 offer through store, which contains many medical and therapeutic products for the Colgate brand for mouth and teeth.

Features of Extra Clean Toothbrush Medium 3 + 1

  • It contains the best soft rubber bristles that eliminate bacteria.
  • It was distinguished by the presence of cleaning heads designed for the front and back teeth.
  • It removes the limescale, yellow, and pigmentation on the teeth.
  • It cleans the teeth and removes deposits and small food residues accumulated between the most accurate places between the teeth.

How to use the Extra Clean Medium 3+1 Toothbrush

You and your loved ones can use this brush by getting 3 + 1 free when you buy them. For deep cleaning, follow these steps:

  • After holding the brush in a wise manner, the paste is placed on top of it, and then brushing begins.
  • Brush the upper and lower jaws and the incisors well, then rinse them with water.
  • And after you're done, you can use mouthwash and don't forget to clean your brush.
  • Doctors also recommend changing this brush every 3 months.