glycolix face peeling cream 15% - 60 swabs

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Buy now the glycolix cream for the face with fruit acids, with a medium concentration of 15%, and get rid of dark spots and pigmentation thanks to the fruit acids that work on superficial exfoliation, filtering and softening the skin in a short time by obtaining it from the Sidalih com store , which provides the best fruit peels from the wonderful glycolix brand in the manufacture of products skin care.

Benefits of glycolix face cream 15%

  • The wipes contain hazelnut extract with an astringent effect.
  • Cleansing and exfoliating facial pads that are effective in removing make-up while clarifying the skin.
  • Remove superficial wrinkles.
  • The swabs contain acetone, which completely removes impurities, fats, and dead cells.
  • The composition of these swabs is mixed with vitamins A, C and E with green tea extract and CoQ10.
  • Exceptional antioxidant protection with soothing, brightening and nourishing skin.
  • It did not result in redness or skin irritation.

How to use glycolix exfoliating face cream?

Wipe it once or twice daily with a 30SPF sunscreen

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