Avalon 4% Avoquin Cream 50 ml

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33.65 SAR
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Avalon Cream Avoquin 4% 50 ml

  • Argan takes care of your skin and provides you with the amazing skin lightening cream product “Avoquin 4% Hydroquinone Cream”, which helps whiten and lighten the skin in areas that are exposed to discolouration.
  • It provides products containing natural ingredients to help the skin get rid of these problems.
  • These products can reduce the appearance of freckles, melasma and spots, improve skin texture and make it smoother and fresher.
  • These products are designed to maintain healthy skin for the future, as they work to protect the skin from damage caused by UV rays and other DNA damage.
  • Avokin cream contains hydroquinone, which is one of the most commonly used substances in cosmetic products.
  • By using skin care products designed for this purpose and eating some foods rich in vitamin C, such as chickpeas, oranges and lemons, it is possible to lighten the dark color of the skin and treat annoying pigmentation.

the benefits:

  • This substance is used to treat skin pigmentation and lighten the skin.
  • It can also be used to treat black and dark spots due to skin diseases, as well as to treat acne or diaper spots.
  • This substance is also used to lighten sensitive areas, and effectively reduces pigmentation spots on the surface of your body, in addition to lightening the skin and getting rid of pigmentation by treating tanning.
  • Not only is there a lot of UV rays coming from the sun affecting the skin, but their intensity is also proportional to the low and variable amount of water and dust in the air.
  • Certainly, the pollution levels in the area, especially in cities, lead to a transport effect in the form of the release of prominence rays.