Clarins nourishing and moisturizing eye contour balm 20 ml

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241.50 SAR
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• Smoothes and reduces wrinkles on the thin skin on the eyelids and eye lines

• Revitalizes the eye area

• The skin is lifted, moisturized and nourished

• Restores skin elasticity

• Soothes the eyelids and eye contour area Clarins Eyes Contour Balm helps firm the delicate skin of the eyes and prevents the first signs of aging. Clarins Balm's intensely nourishing formula is suitable for the most sensitive eyes. Enhanced with light-reflecting micro-pigments, it brightens eye contours and reduces wrinkles and fine lines. The eye balm is fragrance-free and suitable for contact lens wearers. Clinically and clinically tested. Eye cream has the same pH.


• Cereal grain extract - nourishes and moisturizes

• Aloe Vera and Camomile - softening properties

• Chicory extracts - refine and revitalize the complexion, stimulating

• Gingko biloba - effectively fights wrinkles and revitalizes the skin

• Concentrated rose water - soothes the eye area

• Shea Butter - reduces wrinkles

skin type:

Perfect for all skin types.

how to use:

Apply morning and/or evening to the eye contour area with light tapping movements. Apply a very small amount of the product, gently smoothing it along the upper and lower lids starting from the inner corner outward.