Helo Prof ointment 50 gm

Helo Prof ointment 50 gm

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Product Overview

This ointment protects the wounds from external factors and prepares the wound to help heal

Thanks to its natural composition and containing  (Beta-Sitosterol and Propolis ), this ointment helps to quickly heal the wound and cracks.

it contains :

- Beeswax

- Beta-Sitosterol

- Propolis 

- Sesame oil

- Coconut Oil

- Vitamin E

- olive oil


- Used for wound care

- Skin infections

- For cracks of nipples

- Insect bites

- For burns


Odor Acceptable Unlike other products that export odor may be unacceptable to some

How to use  :

Apply the targeted area twice daily or as directed by your doctor