Herbal Color Permanent Hair Dye 4C Ashy Brown 135ml

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  • Order through the Italian Herbal Color pharmacy store. It is safe to use, even for pregnant women

Features of Herbal Color:

  • The Italian Herbal Color dye penetrates into the hair cells to give it its natural color, covering white hair (gray hair) 100%
  • It does not cause heat, itching, or sensitivity to the scalp. It is free of ammonia, without an unpleasant odor, which lasts up to 8 weeks, with the same colors.
  • Herbal Color is considered the most important and best product in the world of hair coloring because it is safe to use and is called in Europe the dye of pregnant women because it does not damage the hair and is not harmful to use during pregnancy and for the woman to be able to use the dye in the color she desires without fear for the freshness and health of her hair and her fetus
  • The Italian Herbal Color dye does not leave a trace on the skin after dyeing and does not stain clothes after dyeing. It nourishes the hair during the dyeing process and gives the hair shine and smoothness. Its results will surely satisfy you.
  • Free of chemicals and ammonia that harm and damage hair, especially ammonia, which causes roughness and damage to hair and makes it fall out with frequent use.
  • Contains natural royal jelly and pomegranate that gives you silky and shiny hair, long lasting up to 28 shampoos.
  • Italian Herbal Color dye with a natural formula
  • Free of harmful chemicals for hair, it is completely free of ammonia-free, paraben-free, resorcinol-free
  • BPD free
  • Herbal Color dye contains natural elements and is rich in keratin, protein and eight other herbs. It is an ideal dye to dye your hair with. The Italian Herbal Color dye does not damage hair, does not cause dryness, does not cause brittleness or breakage of hair, and covers white hair completely.

How to use Herbal Color:

  • For dry or prone to dry hair. It is used either in a container made of glass or plastic. Then an equal amount of dye and glycol (included in the box) are applied. Make sure the mixture is well mixed before using it. Put on the gloves (included in the box). For untreated hair, apply the mixture on dry hair, starting from the roots to the end of the ends, and make sure that the dye has penetrated the hair well. Wait 40 minutes for the hair to absorb the dye well. As for dyed or wavy hair, in this case add protein to the mixture, apply it to the roots first, and wait 30 minutes.