Waterman's grow me shampoo 250 ml + Condition me conditioner 250 ml

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The UK's fastest selling hair care product, one refill every 30 secondsThe UK's fastest selling hair care product
Waterman is responsible for producing a revolutionary range of premium hair growth products including shampoos, conditioners, scalp elixirs and vitamins, becoming a household name in the hair and beauty industry as it exports its products worldwide and supplies to Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Slovenia, USA, Canada and Europe For example but not limited to

1- The first shampoo for hair extension
Hair intensifies and fills in the blanks
It grows up to 4.5 cm each month
Sulfate free (non-drying)
Hair loss treatment for men and women

2- Cholesterol conditioner with caffeine and rosemary

Helps enhance shine while protecting

Rejuvenating and nourishing softens and moisturizes

A great solution for color-treated hair, combating damage caused by heating tools.

Sulfate free